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World Myths and Legends in Art


Minneapolis Institute of Arts



Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts
World Myths and Legends in Art, Minneapolis Institute of Arts
World Myths and Legends in Art
Copyright 2003 Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Myths are stories that explain why the world is the way it is. All cultures have them. Throughout history, artists have been inspired by myths and legends and have given them visual form. Sometimes these works of art are the only surviving record of what particular cultures believed and valued. But even where written records or oral traditions exist, art adds to our understanding of myths and legends.


This collection of images brings together 26 works of art in the collection of The Minneapolis Institute of Arts inspired by mythology around the world. The rich variety of images makes it possible for teachers to address a wide range of study areas, including language arts, humanities, art, social and cultural studies, and world religions. You can click on the "Enlarge" link under each work of art to enlarge the image in a new window, and zoom in to see greater detail. The "Art by Theme" section will help you explore the relationships among the images. Have fun being creative with these materials!

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Type: Web
Grades: 6-12
Instructional Method: Multimedia Instruction, Self-paced Learning, Thematic Approach
Rights: Copyright 2003 Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Added to Site: April 12, 2009