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: A Painting by John Sargent


Minneapolis Institute of Arts



Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts
In the last number of the Bulletin, announcement was made of the gift to the Society from Mrs. C. C. Bovey and Mrs. C. D. Velie of an oil painting by the distinguished American artist, John Singer Sargent. The painting—on canvas, height 29 in., width 36 1/2 in.—which is now reproduced in the Bulletin, is an addition to the Martin B. Koon Memorial Collection. The subject of the painting is the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris at twilight, with the moon rising above the trees. In the distance may be seen the dome of the Pantheon. Various groups of figures lend animation to the scene. The picture is hardly more than a sketch, but in its justness of values conveys an impression of reality which is characteristic of the artist. Particularly attractive is the mellow tone of the painting. The soft grays of the foreground, the sombre green of the thickly-massed trees, the note of rose in the woman's costume, form an exquisite harmony, accentuated by occasional touches of black. It was presented by Sargent to his friend, Charles Follen McKim, the celebrated architect, who died a few years ago, in 1909. The painting is evidently an early work. It is signed, "To my friend McKim, John S. Sargent."Referenced Work of Art
  1. The Luxembourg Gardens at Twilight, by John S. Sargent. Gift of Mrs. C. C. Bovey and Mrs. C. D. Velie
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Source: "A Painting by John Sargent," <i>The Minneapolis Institute of Arts Bulletin</i> 5, no. 4 (April, 1916): 25-26.
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