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: Place du Theatre Francais; Pluie


Minneapolis Institute of Arts



Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts
The canvas so entitled, painted in 1898 by Camille Pissarro (1830-1903), and illustrated in this issue of the Bulletin, is a recent acquisition of the Society of Fine Arts. It is one of Pissarro's series of pictures representing views of Paris, in which, as has been said "he displays rare insight, and makes one feel the atmosphere, the charm, and the very spirit of the French capital."Certainly, to one at all familiar with Paris, this fleeting but realistic glimpse up the Avenue de l'Opera from the Place du Theatre Francais brings poignant recollections of that happy period before the war when the bright and beautiful city on the Seine was the rendezvous of all the world. The peculiar gray of the buildings and the indescribable effect of the falling mist of a drizzly day are subtly rendered, and, however suggestive of discomfort the obvious dampness may be, the scene brings back surging memories of the fascinations of the place, with impatient regrets at one's inability to hasten to them again. The single adverse criticism of the painting is that it makes one homesick, not for the gaities, but for the beauty of Paris.Pissarro was a pupil of Corot, by whom, as well as by Millet, his early work was manifestly influenced. After he had passed middle life he was won over, by Manet, to impressionism, of which school he became one of the most distinguished exponents. Yet the classicism of his former style was never wholly lost, and the distinctive charm of his later work is no doubt due to a masterly combination of the methods of both schools.Referenced Work of Art
  1. Place du Théâtre Français; Pluie
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Source: "Place du Théâtre Français; Pluie," <i>The Minneapolis Institute of Arts Bulletin</i> 7, no. 6 (June, 1918): 45-46.
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