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: The Upper Ipswich River


Minneapolis Institute of Arts



Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Recently, the Institute has been presented by the artist, Philip Little, with one of his landscapes called The Upper Ipswich River. It is a vivid, warmly colored scene in which a tumbling stream reflects in its many facets the bright autumnal foliage of the surrounding trees, yet it is treated with that restraint which is usually achieved by the group of Boston artists with whom Mr. Little may be placed. For he is peculiarly a product of Massachusetts. There he was born, in Boston he received his artistic education, and there, at Salem, he now lives and paints. He is, however, not sectional in his appeal. He is represented in the art museums of Philadelphia, St. Louis, Milwaukee and elsewhere. "The Upper Ipswich River" was one of three canvases for which he received a silver medal at the Panama-Pacific Exposition at San Francisco in 1915.Referenced Work of Art
  1. The Upper Ipswich River, size 45 1/4 x 45 1/4, Philip Little
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Source: Martha Tritch, "The Upper Ipswich River," <i>The Minneapolis Institute of Arts Bulletin</i> 9, no. 7 (October, 1920): 52.
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