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: Indian Hand Blocked Print


Minneapolis Institute of Arts



Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Printed from hand blocks a cotton wall hanging of Indian origin, dating from the XVIII century, when India still produced its own fabrics, has been acquired for the Institute's textile collection. The design is rich in Persian motives. Inscriptions in Arabic, probably from the Koran, mark the panels of the inner border. A central cypress is repeated in a secondary framing member of smaller flanking trees and a diminutive top course on a floral ground, embellished with paired and facing peacocks and tigers. The variegated hues of brown, yellow, blue, black and red are intricately applied in clear dyes of a rich and attractive freshness.Unusual interest is attached to this piece because of the date which appears as part of the design at the base of the cypress tree and in the upper portions of the side border. Unfortunately neither the date itself nor the monogram accompanying it, has been deciphered, but there is little doubt that both the provenance and the manuscript can be definitely established when the translation is made. For a public collection such documented pieces are invaluable.Referenced Work of Art
  1. Dated Indian Hand Blocked Print with Arabic Inscriptions
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Source: "Indian Hand Blocked Print," <i>The Minneapolis Institute of Arts Bulletin</i> 12, no. 2 (February, 1923): 10.
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