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Piedra que cede (Yielding Stone)


Gabriel Orozco



Institution Walker Art Center
Location Not on view.
Piedra que cede (Yielding Stone), Gabriel Orozco
Courtesy Walker Art Center
Gabriel Orozco, Piedra que cede (Yielding Stone) (1992)
Gabriel Orozco, Piedra que cede (Yielding Stone) (1992)
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WalkerResources  September 21, 2012

This artwork is on view in the Walker exhibition The Living Years: Art after 1989. The text below is the artwork's label written for that exhibition.

To make this work, Gabriel Orozco shaped more than 150 pounds of plasticine (roughly equal to his own body weight) into a ball and rolled it through the streets of New York City. Along its path, the form picked up dirt and detritus. Its many indentations reflect the actual topography of the urban environment. “I think the sculpture tries to represent the body,” Orozco says. “This idea of a vulnerable mass that moves and gets imprints from reality.”

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