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Jackie Ferrara, Belvedere (1988)


Walker Art Center



Institution Walker Art Center
"Belvedere is a place for people to meet, a stage for performance, a structure to pass through, a platform to walk across. There are steps to climb, doorways to enter, windows to look through, branches to sit on. It is also a sculpture to look at."--Jackie Ferrara

Since the early 1970s, Jackie Ferrara has explored relationships between sculpture and architecture in her wood constructions, which have evolved from indoor pieces to increasingly large-scale outdoor works. She began making public sculptures motivated by the knowledge that "the piece will be used--that is, entered, climbed in, sat on." Ferrara's wood sculpture Belvedere was created for this specific site in the Garden. In architecture a belvedere--"beautiful view" in Italian--is a structure built to command a view of its surroundings. Ferrara's Belvedere provides varied views of trees, buildings, and other sculptures from its platforms, seats, and openings. The artist created this work as a place to rest and enjoy views of the Garden, and to serve as a stage for performances or other events.
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Type: Commentary, curriculum resource
Source: Text for Jackie Ferrara, Belvedere (1988), from the curriculum guide The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden: A Garden for All Seasons, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 1998.
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