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From Hand to Ear


Christian Marclay



Institution Walker Art Center
Location Not on view.
From Hand to Ear, Christian Marclay
Installed view
Courtesy Walker Art Center
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Abbie Anderson  December 10, 2009

Christian Marclay's From Hand to Ear (1994) makes a reference to From Hand to Mouth (1967) by Bruce Nauman. Notice the parallels that exist between the similar titles, the medium/techniques (wax and casting), and the artists' consideration of self-portraiture.

WalkerResources  September 21, 2012

This artwork is on view in the Walker exhibition The Living Years: Art after 1989. The text below is a quote from the artist, reproduced for the artwork's label for that exhibition.

"The hands and the ears are essential to play a musical instrument. Subtle hand gestures translate into music, which is always under the scrutiny of the ears. The playing of an instrument is a delicate balance between moving and listening. . .. As a deejay I can disrupt the listening of a record by touching it, changing its speed, or its spinning direction, and completely alter what the ear was perceiving a second earlier. The ears are the silent witness of our daily gestures. From Hand to Ear is a cast part of my body."—Christian Marclay

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