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Embutidinho (Small Embedded)


Marepe (Marcos Reis Peixoto)



Institution Walker Art Center
Location Not on view.
Embutidinho (Small Embedded), Marepe (Marcos Reis Peixoto)
from above
Courtesy Walker Art Center
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WalkerResources  September 21, 2012

This artwork is on view in the Walker exhibition The Living Years: Art after 1989. The text below is a quote from the artist, reproduced for the artwork's label for that exhibition.

"This project deals with practical solutions for a small, single domestic space, which can be modified depending on the requirements of those who occupy it. Contemporary subspaces were the source: shacks, huts, cardboard cities of the homeless, cubicles, palafittes, improvised living. . .. The poetics of survival, concrete reality, inequality, the nécessaire, work tools, street vendors, adaptations for the human body, resistance, weight, volume, preoccupations, solutions for the collective popular universe, and architect Lina Bo Bardi can all be found within this work."—Marepe

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