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How to use the Stillman Project to Navigate the Walker Web Site


Walker Art Center Gallery 9



Institution Walker Art Center
A Stillman Project for the Walker Art Center requires the latest version 4 browsers to work. It is not compatible with Internet Explorer on a PC.

The first time you visit the Walker home page ( or the front page of The Shock of the View (http://www.walkerart.rog/salons/shockoftheview), a Stillman Project window opens, and after some background information, you are asked to select one of three statements formulated by Brett Stallbaum.

You are assigned a color--red, green, or blue--based on which statement you select. After your first visit to the home page, the question-statements will not re-appear.

As you navigate through the Walker site--and whenever you return through one of the above gateways--you leave a trace of your color on each page visited. As multiple participants visit a particular page, their colors cumulatively blend to create a Metadata Color value, according to the percentage of visits by different participants.

A thin frame at the bottom of the browser displays the metadata color value of all previous visitors. The right-hand asterisk is the color assigned to you based on which statement you selected.

Click anywhere in the frame to display the dynamic Stillman Site Map and Metadata Color Proximity Lists, which allow you to directly navigate to other pages on the site according to their cumulative or metadata color value.

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Type: Instructional Material, instructions
Source: Walker Art Center Gallery 9, How to use the Stillman Project to Navigate the Walker Web Site, 1998.
Rights: First published by Gallery 9/Walker Art Center, 1998.
Added to Site: March 1, 2009