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Flux Year Box 2 (1967)


Walker Art Center



Institution Walker Art Center
In 1989, the Walker acquired a remarkable collection of more than 500 objects and documents related to Fluxus, an interdisciplinary movement that emerged on the international art scene in the early 1960s. Including books, boxes, manifestos, posters, photographs, films, and performance relics, this material documents the unconventional and largely underground activity of the wide-ranging group of artists associated with Fluxus whose art crossed boundaries between painting, sculpture, poetry, music, and performed events. The collection was the source for the successful Walker-organized exhibition In the Spirit of Fluxus in 1993.

Flux Year Box 2, a signature Fluxus production, is a boxed anthology of works by 17 artists that was edited and assembled by Fluxus "chairman" George Maciunas beginning in about 1965. The second in a planned annual series, this piece was conceived as a "game box" that would hold small objects, flip books, cards, and films, including a handheld viewer for looking at the 8mm film loops.

Like all Fluxus editions, the contents of each box varies depending on what Maciunas had available at the time. This copy contains many of the works usually seen in Flux Year Box 2, including Ben Vautier's Total Art Matchbox (a box of matches instructing the holder to burn down all libraries and museums), a loop of Yoko Ono's infamous buttocks Film No. 4, Willem de Ridder's folding paper games entitled Paper Flux Work, and George Brecht's box Closed on Mondays (glued shut).

In addition, this box has two special features: it includes a unique variation of Vautier's Flux Box Containing God, and it contains 21 film loops instead of the usual 16.

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Source: Label text for Flux Year Box 2 (1967), from the exhibition State of the Art: Recent Gifts and Acquisitions, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, July 22-October 8, 2000.
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