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Robert Gober, Newspaper (1992)


Walker Art Center



Institution Walker Art Center
This innocuous stack of papers--seemingly waiting to be recycled--was handmade in Robert Gober's studio. On the visible top page, he has paired an advertisement with an article about a pedestrian being hit by a car and a report about shellfish in Chile. In the ad, Gober assumes the persona of a bride; positioned in a traditional wedding portrait, he substitutes himself for a model advertising bridal gowns in The New York Times. Smiling coyly next to the caption "Having It All," the artist subverts what has been upheld as the ultimate moment of female realization. He has also commented on what he sees as the ironic nature of the wedding dress--a symbol of purity that is designed to drag along the floor in the dirt.

Walker solo exhibition: Robert Gober: Sculpture + Drawing, 1999

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Type: Commentary, object label
Source: Label text for Robert Gober, Newspaper (1992), from the exhibition Art in Our Time: 1950 to the Present, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, September 5, 1999 to September 2, 2001.
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