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This would be very useful in the classroom

The Doryphoros




120-50 BCE

Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Location On view at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, G230
The Doryphoros, Unknown
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jakekirchner  November 7, 2013

This is really cool were it is from.But a little weird

cadenboge  November 10, 2013

It is hard to imagine how old this sculpture is. Thispiece looks really real.

Emmahannum  November 10, 2013

This is a very detailed sculpture. That's amazing that it lasted that long. Saying that, that is great detail for being so long ago, and they probably didnt have the tools we have today. The look on his face seems almost like a one of dispair. It seems as if he misses his home, say if he was a warrior in the army. 

Tyrell Williams  November 12, 2013

It is truly amazing how the people that long ago could make such detailed sculptures without the use of any power tools.  To carve things out of stone someone had to be very strong and artistic . People were not ashamed to be naked like they are today it seems.

hallll  September 18, 2015

Maybe he's sad because he lost his arm tbh

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