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Artist Unknown (Greek)


c. 340 B.C.

Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Location Not on view.
Zeus, Artist Unknown (Greek)
Zeus: Gallery Label - Current
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jakekirchner  November 1, 2013

He is kind of cool what it looks like. It does not have a lot of detail but it is shiny

cadenboge  November 9, 2013

It is cool that this peice is made out of solid gold. You can tell it is Zeus because of the lighning bolt.

Emmahannum  November 10, 2013

This art piece seems not very detailed, but still is a wonderful work of art. How he hold the items in his hands, plus how he looks right at the viewer (from the front anyway) makes him seem like he is the supreme being over everyone. The branch that he has holding in his hand seems like almost a wepon that he is holding, because he holds it up over his head like it could have powerful force. The bird almost seems like a pet to Zeus.

Tyrell Williams  November 12, 2013

I don't understand what the eagle is for,but I kind of like it 

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