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Celestial Horse


Artist Unknown (China)



Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Location On view at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, G215
Celestial Horse, Artist Unknown (China)
Celestial Horse: Gallery Label - Current
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Johnathan  October 23, 2012

This horse is very... lets say interesting. The way the artist made it makes it seems like its neighing. Weird. The rock that was carved to make this has a certain quality that makes it seem like a real horse.

smcguire  March 28, 2013

I agree that this is a very interesting horse -- amazing degree of realism. In addition to the fact that the original color of the bronze (it was constructed from 9 separately cast sections) is visible on parts of the horse, the traces of paint--black, red, and white--around the eyes, mouth, neck, mane, and belly contribute to its realistic appearance. It looks so alive!

jakekirchner  October 23, 2013

It is cool how they talk about the history of it. how they put it with the owner when it died for the after life.

cadenboge  October 23, 2013

This bronze horse is very well made. I don't know how they would make such a thing out of bronze, especially when it was that long ago when it was made.

Emmahannum  November 10, 2013

It seems as almost this horse is alive, because it looks like it is neighing, and that makes it seem more lifelike. Also, with all the colors it seems like the horse has a body that is moving, and the sun is shining off of the horses hair. Also, it is neat to see the parts of the horse, and you can tell where they put the horses body together. This piece is really amazing for being from such a long time ago.

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