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The Death of Germanicus


Nicolas Poussin



Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Location On view at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, G313
The Death of Germanicus, Nicolas Poussin
The Death of Germanicus: Gallery Label - Current
Death of Germanicus:
: Tour de Force
: Poussin’s Death of Germanicus
Iconography of The Death of Germanicus
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Treden Wagoner  June 8, 2009

The architectural elements of the interior space depicted in this painting is an excellent example of one-point perspective.

justin  November 19, 2010

I too agree that these are really attractive paintings. The topic of Death in young Roman general Germanicus reminds of popular tv show Death Note..

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jakekirchner  October 30, 2013

I think it is really weird. It is really weird what happened when you red it.

cadenboge  November 9, 2013

This peice is so realistic. You can really tell the sorrow in this painting.

Emmahannum  November 10, 2013

This piece of art really has an interesting history. I can really see how people are mourning germanicus. It also is very detailed, which makes it very realistic. It seems like the solders are planning how to murder his adoptive father, sense this is who killed him.

Tyrell Williams  November 12, 2013

Beautiful yet morbid painting. It really speaks to you as being sorrowful.. Death is so popular in ancient art.

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