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Coffin of Lady Tashat


Artist Unknown


945-712 BCE

Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Location On view at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, G250
Coffin of Lady Tashat, Artist Unknown
Cartonnage of Lady Tashat: Gallery Label - Current
: The Egyptian Collection
: An Egyptian Collection
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Emmahannum  November 10, 2013

The sarcophagus is very detailed and colorful. It requires great skill to add so much detail to a piece of art. The Egyptians had art as a big part of their culture, and this sarcophagus shows this. They also were good at showing what faces looked like. This is a great piece of art, especially because it was made for a dead body. 

Tyrell Williams  November 12, 2013

I love ancient Egyptian art it is colorful and really unique. Afterlife is so important to them . They spent so much time decorating and preserving corpses. Beautiful 

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