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Culture and Object


Cheryle Melander


March 9, 2012

Institution ArtsConnectEd


Grades 6 - 12

1. The lesson plan could be used as a preparation tool before or as a follow-up exercise after a museum tour.

2.  The lesson plan could be used as a classroom discussion and activity idea to discuss cross-cultural and individual perceptions of how objects function within culture and how meaning and understanding are constructed.


Culture influences every aspect of life and is affected by the complex relationship of habits, attitudes, and beliefs with the objects we use every day. The lesson concentrates on asking questions related to how the object and artwork function in our culture and how meaning is constructed. Using a process of identifying characteristics that define an object and artwork, students discover attributes of culture and participate in a creative design process of transforming the appearance, function, or context and telling a story using an everyday object.

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Type: Instructional Set
Grades: 1-11, Adult
Instructional Method: Classroom Discussion, Interdisciplinary, Self-paced Learning, Small Group Instruction, Thematic Approach
Added to Site: March 9, 2012