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The Great Depression


Erica M. Carter


October 13, 2013

Institution ArtsConnectEd
This slide presentation on the Great Depression is to be used by teachers to present to their students after they have begun studying the Great Depression. It not only gives good information about this time period but also encourages students to understand how this desolate time affected the lives of everyday people through examination of photographs taken at the time. Students can use the worksheet provided to aid them in describing the photographs and are then encouraged to compare to today's Recession. This module meets eleventh grade standards of learning 11.6 (11.6.1-11.6.5) which includes learning about the Great Depression and its causes, the desolate life for most Americans, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the New Deal. Upon completion of this module, students will be able to identify the causes of the Great Depression, solutions that arose, and the effect it had on the lives of everyday people by analyzing photographs taken at the time as well as reading and listening about it.
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Type: Instructional Set
Grades: 11
Instructional Method: Classroom Discussion, Lecture, Multimedia Instruction, Thematic Approach
Added to Site: October 13, 2013