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It's About Choice: Modern Art and Politics


Jacob Gelfand


December 18, 2012

Institution ArtsConnectEd

Just as contemporary artists choose to use their work as a vehicle for cultural commentary, art has the potential to instill in the viewer a realization of the political implications of the choices we make, whether implicitly or not, as actors in a web of interconnected social institutions.

The artists represented in this Set focus on issues of the body and its representation, gender and sexuality, and cultural anxieties and fears. We are all constant consumers and producers of representative images, yet few think critically about the implications of what we choose to consume and produce.

This presentation is designed to create a critical dialogue on the role of art and the choices we make, the interconnection between the two, and the underlying ideologies. These issues overlap with the literature in our AP English curriculum, giving students an opportunity to analyze literature and art in an interdisciplinary manner.

The class recently attended a guided tour of the Walker's Cindy Sherman exhibit, and the presentation is an opportunity to extend and apply the concepts we discussed on that field trip.

This Set is an entry in the ArtsConnectEd iPad Challenge #4 and is intended for high school students.

The attachment titled "Additional Information and Readings" provides context and discussion ideas for slides 2-30, explanations of the suggested readings on the slides, and additional readings.

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Type: Instructional Set
Grades: 11-12
Instructional Method: Classroom Discussion, Demonstration, Interdisciplinary, Lecture
Added to Site: December 18, 2012