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The Living Years: Seeing Art With All Five Senses




April 6, 2009

Institution Walker Art Center

This ArtsConnectEd Set was designed for teachers and students in grades Pre-K–2 who plan to visit the The Living Years exhibition at the Walker Art Center. It can be used to prepare visitors for the tour theme, "Seeing Art With All Five Senses."

Since most artworks at the Walker cannot be touched, it's important to provide engaging ways for young people to experience the art. This "Seeing Art With All Five Senses" Set and the guided tour designed to accompany it emphasize imagination and sensory memory, helping younger students learn about art by activating all five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. The activities in this set are similar to those that students will have on their guided tour.

This ArtsConnectEd Set contains a sampling of artworks from the Walker's collection as well as outside resources. It can be considered a sneak preview of the ideas and artworks students will explore during their visit to the Walker Art Center.  

It also includes questions adapted from a technique called Critical Response Protocol, which encourages active looking and analytical thinking, both during this preview Set and for the onsite tour.

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WalkerResources  October 26, 2012

This Art Collector Set was written by Walker Art Center tour guide Kathy S with additional assistance from Walker education staff. It was created to accompany the "Seeing Art With All Five Senses" tour theme, developed by tour guide Rhonda B. with props by fellow guide Bianka P..

To schedule your tour of the Walker Art Center, contact us using the Tour Request Form:

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