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Drum: Gallery Label - Current


Minneapolis Institute of Arts



Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Akan communities in southern Ghana have a tradition of popular bands that engage in instrumental, choral, and dance performances. While the bands play at ceremonial occasions, including marriages and funerals, their primary role is recreational. At such occasions they often compete against each other.The musical and visual focus point of each band is the master drum, sometimes identified as the "mother of the group." The figure carrying the drum on her head and the breasts projecting from the drum itself constitute the female references in this example. The gesture of the woman, with her finger pointing to her eye, has multiple meanings. It may remind people of the Akan proverb, "If you can hear, can you not also see?" - emphasizing the importance of using all senses - or it may be a warning to the other bands, "Wait and see who is going to win."
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