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Asking Art: Giving Thanks




November 2, 2011

Institution Walker Art Center

THEMES: This Set employs artworks to touch upon a handful of themes including: Gratitude and giving thanks; Family and home; Spirituality; Fellowship and togetherness; Heritage, traditions, and memories; and Community and commonality.

USE THIS SET IN THE CLASSROOM: Present this Set in the classroom to accompany a facilitated discussion of the themes above. The text and discussion questions are recommended for middle and high school students, but feel free to customize this Set by making modifications appropriate for your classroom. As a registered user of ArtsConnectEd, first duplicate this Set to make a copy in your account, then edit its contents using Art Collector.

USE THIS SET AS A MODEL: This Set was built collaboratively. Adapt the following co-creation activity for your group of learners: Participants use Art Finder to choose works of art that resonate with their personal experiences of a specific occasion. (In this example Set, the occasion is Thanksgiving.) Participants write statements to support their selections and share their reflections with others.

CONTEXT FOR 'Asking Art' SETS: This Set is part of Asking Art, a series of resources that connect works of art to the lives we live.

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Type: Other
Grades: 6-12
Instructional Method: Thematic Approach
Added to Site: November 2, 2011