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Bob Peterson


March 25, 2011

Institution ArtsConnectEd

Arts Connected iPad Challenge #3 Support your substitute

What is an artobiography and how is it different than an autobiography?

First, an autobiography is a story all about you! You decide what you want to share, after all it is your story.

An artobiography is like an autobiography except it uses art artifacts to symbolize events in your life. They are chosen by you, the author, to represent important life events. Each artifact contains visual content that somehow intersects with a life experience or evokes emotions that resonates with an event.

Lets explore the history of storytelling and the unique ways cultures have used art to tell stories in the past. Then we'll make our own artistic digital stories all about ourselves, artobiographies!

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Type: Instructional Set
Grades: 3-Adult
Instructional Method: Demonstration, Gallery Discussion, Multimedia Instruction, Project-based Learning
Added to Site: March 25, 2011