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Joseph Cornell boxes




March 3, 2011

Institution ArtsConnectEd

This set was created to help homeschool teachers meet the National Standards for Arts Education in Visual Arts through the exploration of Joseph Cornell boxes.

Joseph Cornell (1903-1972) was a self-taught American artist who created mixed media assemblages within boxes. He collected old photographs, leaves, stuffed birds and many other objects he considered beautiful. His collection also reflected his interests in ballet, cosmic bodies, and music, among others. Using these found objects, he created dioramas that hint at romantic fantasies and unknown personal stories.

This set introduces students to Joseph Cornell and helps develop skills of observation, creation, and communication. They will look closely at some of Cornell’s artworks at the Walker Art Center or online. Then they will make their own boxes using a variety of found objects. They will relate these boxes to stories and personal tastes. Depending on the different ages and levels within the group, you can adjust the complexity of the discussion of art as well as the students’ projects.

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Type: Instructional Set
Grades: K-12
Instructional Method: Hands-on Learning, Self-paced Learning, Small Group Instruction
Added to Site: March 3, 2011