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Mad Labels (Art Mad Libs)


Minneapolis Institute of Arts


February 16, 2011

Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Mad Labels (Art Mad Libs), Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Mad Labels (Art Mad Libs)
How to play Mad Labels in the classroom or museum gallery:
  • Divide students into small groups of 2 or more, or play with the entire class as a large group.
  • Hand out one set of Mad Labels to each group of players.
  • Choose one player (student or teacher) to be the facilitator/recorder.
  • Without showing the other players the label text or the related work of art, the facilitator asks the players to to supply the missing words for each label and records them in the appropriate blank spaces.
  • Next, the facilitator reads the completed Mad Label in front of the work of art in the museum's galleries or projected in the classroom. (All four Mad Labels provided here are in the MIA's permanent collection, with images available in ArtsConnectEd.)

If you do not see the downloadable Mad Labels pdf file above, click the 'Next' button until it appears.

This activity was originally designed and facilitated as part of the December 2010 Third Thursday program at the MIA.

Language arts/visual arts extension:
Students write their own Mad Labels

Ask students to select a work of art using the ArtFinder tool in ArtsConnectEd. Instruct them to choose a work of art that appeals to them personally and has an extended label that could be converted into a Mad Label. The most effective works of art and labels involve interesting people, places, or stories. Have students copy and paste the extended label text into a word processing document such as Microsoft Word. Ask students to select words or phrases to remove and replace with blanks. Label the blanks with the part of speech or other descriptor (adjective, noun, place name, etc.) that players should supply the facilitator during the game. Organize students into small groups and have them try out their own Mad Labels on one another.

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Type: Instructional Material
Grades: 6-Adult
Instructional Method: Classroom Discussion, Gallery Discussion, Small Group Instruction
Added to Site: February 15, 2011