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Art Challenger


Debra Hannu


November 21, 2010

Institution ArtsConnectEd

 ArtsConnectEd iPad Challenge #2

Art Challenger is a game about LOOKING....

Facilitator:  Show each slide for 60 seconds, then move ahead to the questions.  Give groups about 2 minutes to come up with a single answer to record. 

Players:  Practice careful observation skills to scrutinize what you see!  Try to recall what you saw to answer the questions that come after each slide.  As a team or table, decide what you think the correct answer is, and have one person on your team record the question numbers and the answer!  Keep your responses quiet and within your group - don't give away answers to anyone else in the room!

Teachers can 'up the ante' in this game by offering a prize to the winning team!

Slides with answers follow at the end of the game.

(I was having trouble getting the Abe Lincoln slides to work - they can be replaced with different images if they don't come through!)


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Type: Instructional Set
Grades: 5-Adult
Instructional Method: Classroom Discussion, Gallery Discussion, Lecture, Multimedia Instruction, Small Group Instruction
Added to Site: November 21, 2010