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Asian Landscape




January 7, 2011

Institution ArtsConnectEd

  The Asian Landscape set of art is designed to be used with 3rd and 5th grade students.  It will serve as an introduction to the various architecture found in Asia and allow students to see landscapes and how objects look when perspective is utilized.  Students will view the set and also use the ArtsConnectEd website to learn about perspective and symmetry.  Once they have viewed the images they will complete a work of art that uses the Asian landscape and architecture.  Students in 3rd grade students will create a digital pagoda.  Students in fifth grade will create an digital image that shows the land and architecture that might be found in Asia.

(ArtsConnectEd iPad Challenge #2)

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Type: Instructional Set
Grades: 3, 5
Instructional Method: Classroom Discussion, Hands-on Learning
Added to Site: January 7, 2011