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Trascensions, A personal journey though art


Michael Angelo Menconi


December 28, 2010

Institution ArtsConnectEd



Charles and Michael independently worked on their own glass interests for over a decade before meeting.


Charles studied glass sculpture, leading him to the island of Murano, Italy. For six years, he gained advanced sculptural techniques by assisting glass master Pino Signoretto.


Over the course of five years, Michael studied contemporary glass design at The Corning Museum of Glass in New York. During this time, he had the opportunity to work and learn from various glass artists.


Generally speaking, in the art world it is taught that there should be only one accredited artist.

Charles and Michael decided to try something different. They could not help but wonder how their work would look if they balanced their skills together in a collaboration.



Like a game, each piece was volleyed between two skilled players allowing them to reach their highest level of technical difficulty. Sharing in the excitement with each result, Michael and Charles continued to bring their art to a new level by incorporating a team into their process.


Because each piece is made by hand, the artists could accomplish groundbreaking results that would otherwise require over a month to produce without the assistance of their team. This efficiency of time allowed the artists to focus their energy on the concepts and creation of visual representations that could only be seen through imagination.



Through personal sacrifices made producing Transcensions, the artists learned the value in challenging ideas. 


A key lesson Charles and Michael learned though collaborating is that sharing of self is one of the most beautiful acts a human can do. They feel that it is not until we share what we learn, until we can learn from each other.


These artists invite you on a personal journey to explore their collaborations, in hopes that you discover a new piece of yourself.


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