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Artwork of the Month: Scott Burton's Two Part Chairs, Obtuse Angle (A Pair)


Walker Art Center


October, 2001

Institution Walker Art Center
<p>Artwork of the Month: Scott Burton's <em>Two Part Chairs, Obtuse Angle (A Pair)</em></p>, Walker Art Center
Artwork of the Month: Scott Burton's Two Part Chairs, Obtuse Angle (A Pair)

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About the Artwork

Scott Burton began his career as a performance artist in the early 1970s, using discarded furniture he found on the street for scenery. He often included everyday chairs and tables in his artwork, positioning the pieces to suggest characters with personality. He also made functional sculptures of furniture with traditional materials, such as the polished granite of Two-Part Chairs, Obtuse Angle (A Pair). For this work, the artist constructed a pair of basic L-shapes and then fit them together like pieces in a simple puzzle.

Burton believed that artwork should be “around, behind, underneath (literally) the audience,” and he disliked displaying his creations surrounded by ropes or on pedestals. He wanted visitors to walk around, touch, and sit upon his sculptures. So take a seat in style—there’s room for two. Gaze over the cityscape, and contemplate the people and objects around you. Be a part of the art!

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Type: Instructional Material
Grades: 2-Adult
Instructional Method: Classroom Discussion, Gallery Discussion, Self-paced Learning
Rights: © October, 2001 Walker Art Center
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