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Marcia Thompson: ReMix YourSelf 6


Marcia G. Thompson


May 26, 2010

Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Here’s your chance to play art museum curator! Inspired by the MIA’s Art ReMix program, we invite you to create your own ReMixes between contemporary (after 1960) and historic (before 1960) works in the MIA’s collection. Art ReMix* is an exciting exhibition project that juxtaposes contemporary artworks amid the MIA's permanent collection.

Here's how to ReMix YourSelf!

We provide a new contemporary work of art each week, and you ReMix it with an historic one, explain your ReMix, and then share it with the world, comment and rate other people's ReMixes, and more! There will be a new ReMix YourSelf every Monday through July 26, 2010, so check back often!

Here are 6 easy steps to ReMix YourSelf:

  1. Register and sign in to ArtsConnectEd.
  2. Duplicate this ReMix YourSelf ArtCollector Set and rename it First Name Last Name: ReMix YourSelf 6
  3. Use ArtFinder to search the MIA's collection for something pre-1960 to ReMix YourSelf with the post-1960 work we've supplied.
  4. Once you find your ReMix image, add it to your ReMix YourSelf set.
  5. In the Display Annotation on the slide for the image you've added, explain your ReMix (why you chose the image you did).
  6. Submit your ReMix YourSelf set for publication.

For those who want more detailed instructions and info on fabulous prizes you could win, follow this link: (Instructions will open in a new window. You may find it easiest to print them out to refer to while ReMixingYourSelf.)

Click here to see all the ReMix YourSelf challenges and submissions so far (opens in a new window). After submitting your own ReMix YourSelf set(s), allow 1-3 days for publication to the site. 

*Information about the Art ReMix exhibition project in the MIA permanent collection galleries can be found here: (opens in a new window).

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Type: Other
Grades: Adult
Instructional Method: Thematic Approach
Added to Site: May 26, 2010