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Steven Lang: Artist Voice/Artist Choice




May 4, 2010

Institution ArtsConnectEd

Artist Voice/Artist Choice is a program where Minnesota artists use to connect their own work with the collections and resources of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Walker Art Center.

Steven Lang is a Minneapolis artist.

His page is here.

His personal website is


The materials I use in my artwork are ephemeral materials never intended for art making, often sourced from garbage dumpsters, recycling bins and thrift stores. This salvaging is part of the artwork. Once collected, I search through the material, and cut or tear useful imagery into smaller pieces. Then, through various media and techniques, I create new imagery that both directly and indirectly responds to the source material.

One method I often employ is to attach found imagery to a foam panel using sewing pins. A finished work of this kind can consist of hundreds of individually cut or torn pieces of paper and hundreds or thousands of pins. While each piece tells its own story, common threads run from piece to piece. Often, a world emerges in which reality is built up from small bits, boundaries are distorted, and beauty is found in decay and loss.


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Type: Other
Grades: Adult
Instructional Method: Thematic Approach
Added to Site: May 4, 2010