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ReMix YourSelf


Minneapolis Institute of Arts


April 26, 2010

Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts


ReMix YourSelf

Here’s your chance to play art museum curator! Inspired by the MIA’s Art ReMix exhibition program, we invite you to create your own ReMixes between contemporary (after 1960) and historic (before 1960) works in the MIA’s permanent collection.

And, for what, you may ask? For fun, of course!

And for PRIZES! Yes, prizes!

  1. Each week, everyone who submits a ReMix YourSelf entry will be put into a raffle for free passes to Until Now: Collecting the New (1960-2010). About the exhibition: (link opens in a new window)
  2. At the close of the Until Now exhibition, we’ll draw from all the ReMix YourSelf entries and give the winner a Flip Ultra™ camcorder.
  3. Liz Armstrong, MIA Curator of Contemporary Art, will install a user-submitted ReMix in the museum’s galleries sometime after August 1, 2010. (Really!)

Here’s how to ReMix YourSelf!

We provide you a contemporary work, and you ReMix it with an historic one, explain your ReMix, and then share it with the world, comment and rate other ReMixes and more! There will be a new contemporary artwork to ReMix YourSelf available every Monday through July 26, 2010, so check back often!

The instructions that follow will walk you through 5 easy steps to ReMix YourSelf.

Step 1:  Get ready to ReMix YourSelf

First things first! Register as a user at and sign in.

When you’re all signed in, if you’re not already viewing the current week's ReMix YourSelf Set, scroll down the ArtsConnectEd homepage to the Featured Sets to find the current week’s ReMix YourSelf challenge (e.g. Week of 4/26: ReMix YourSelf 1).

Click to go to the Set’s detail page. Under the Set Actions menu at the right, click on 'Duplicate'.

The duplicate Set you’ve created is now yours to ReMix YourSelf! Make it your own by deleting “Copy of” and everything else before the colon (:) in the Set Title and replacing it with your name (e.g. Joe Smith: ReMix YourSelf 1). Click on ‘Save Set’ before moving to Step 2.

Step 2:  Prepare to ReMix YourSelf

Begin by taking some time to look closely at the week’s ReMix YourSelf contemporary work of art. Think about any words, ideas, or associations that come to mind as you view it. Be sure to check out the zoom tool that let’s you get really up close and personal with the work of art!

To get your curator-juices flowing, info about the MIA's Art ReMix exhibition program and examples of current ReMixes on view in the museum’s galleries can be found here: (opens in a new window).

Step 3:  Make your ReMix

Use the ArtFinder tool to search for and find the historic (pre-1960) work of art you want to ReMix YourSelf with the contemporary one from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts we’ve provided. Limit your search to the MIA’s collection: choose 'Minneapolis Institute of Arts' from the Institution dropdown menu. Then, add whatever work of art you choose to the ReMix YourSelf ArtCollector Set you created in Step 1 by clicking on the yellow plus sign symbol.

At the top right of the screen, select your ReMix YourSelf Set from the dropdown list and click on the yellow Art Collector ‘Go’ button to return to editing your Set.

Step 4:  Tell us about it

You should now have 3 slides: 2 we provided (introduction/instructions + ReMix YourSelf image for the week) and the 1 ReMix YourSelf slide you've just added.

On the slide you added, tell us a little about the ReMix you’ve created by adding text in the Display Annotation. (Do not write your explanation in My Notes. Text in My Notes is only visible to you and won't show up for everyone else to see once your Set is published.) Click on ‘Save Slide’ before moving on.

Step 5:  Submit it!

Click on the yellow ‘Back to Set’ Button on the upper right of the screen.

Choose ‘Submit’ from the Set Actions menu at the right. There are a bunch of questions to answer, but we’ll make it really easy. Here are the answers you’ll want to choose…

  • Grades: Adult
  • Instructional Method: Thematic Approach
  • Set Type: Other
  • Put a check in the “I agree to the Terms of Use” button
  • Click on the yellow ‘Save Set’ button to submit your Set

Voila! Your ReMix YourSelf Set will be published for the world to see on the ArtsConnectEd site within 1-3 days after you submit it. Click here to see all the published ReMix YourSelf submissions so far.

A new ReMix YourSelf challenge will be available on the ArtsConnectEd homepage every Monday through July 26, 2010, so come on back and make more ReMixes and share, comment on, and rate all the submitted ReMixes!


  • Click on the 'Related Items' tab below to see some ReMix YourSelf examples.
  • Also find all the weekly ReMix YourSelf challenges under 'Related Items,' in case you've missed any. The more you enter, the better your chances at the fabulous PRIZES!
  • Take short video tours of ArtFinder and ArtCollector on the ArtsConnectEd homepage
  • See ArtsConnectEd terms of use and the ArtsConnectEd Help article on submitting a set for more information.



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Type: Other
Grades: 4-Adult
Instructional Method: Thematic Approach
Rights: Copyright Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Added to Site: April 26, 2010