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Leonardo da Vinci: Line, Value and Shape




January 20, 2010

Institution ArtsConnectEd

Leonardo da Vinci was a Master of the Renassiance time and one of the greatest artists in history.  Da Vinci was a problem solver and observer.  He watched how things worked and admired the simplicity of the human body.  Leonardo da Vinci left behind several well known paintings, such as the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.  By studying these two paintings one will find clear examples of line, value and shape. 

The pictures in this art collection by other artists demonstrate some of the techniques, line, value and shape, used by Leonardo da Vinci in his famous artwork.

-In the following slides we will observe human figure studies and sketches, shading, focal points, balance and 3 dimensional looks.

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Type: Instructional Set
Grades: 3-5
Instructional Method: Classroom Discussion, Gallery Discussion, Self-paced Learning, Small Group Instruction
Added to Site: January 20, 2010