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Jue(ritual wine vessel): Gallery Label - Current


Minneapolis Institute of Arts



Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Tentatively cast with thin walls, spindly legs, and virtually no decor, this small, ungainly vessel harkens from nearly the beginning of the Chinese Bronze Age. Relics such as this from the Erligang culture (16th-14th century BCE) were first discovered in 1952 at Zhengzhou in Henan province. The Erligang culture flourished during early Shang and predates the movement of the Shang capital to Anyang around 1300 BCE. Archaeological research shows that the jue was the first ritual wine vessel and was developed during the seventeenth century BCE. Originally based on the style of existing pottery vessels, it rapidly evolved toward an aesthetic based entirely on cast bronze principles, and this vessel demonstrates the primitive technology and awkward proportions of the first ceremonial bronzes.
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Added to Site: November 21, 2009