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Bandolier Bag: Gallery Label - Current


Minneapolis Institute of Arts



Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts
The designs on this bandolier bag reference important elements in traditional Anishinabe life. The repeating geometric floral patterns, shown on the central panel and strap, refer to the natural environment that the Anishinabe depend on. The beaded design that can be found on the outside of the central beaded panel refers to the otter, who plays an important role in Anishinabe stories and clan system. The series of diamonds followed by straight lines, then diamonds, refer to the otter tracks. The diamonds symbolize footprints, and the straight lines are the otter's tail. This bandolier bag is a testimony of Anishinabe artistic skill and creativity.
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Type: Commentary, Gallery Label - Current
Source: Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Rights: Copyright Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Added to Site: November 21, 2009