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Cheng (Ritual "Hand" Bell): Gallery Label - Current


Minneapolis Institute of Arts



Institution Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Although assuming the general shape of a small yung-cheng bell, this instrument lacks the ring suspension device of the yung-cheng as well as the thirty-six bosses found on most late Chou bells. Furthermore, the t'ao-t'ieh mask on the body would be upside-down, if suspended. During Shang and Western Chou, however, bells of similar shape were held in an upright position and struck. If this bell were played rim upward, the mask would be right-side-up. This type of bell was probably not used in graduated sets. The incised bird, volute, triangular and running-spiral patterns are similar to those found in painted lacquers of the same era.
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Type: Commentary, Gallery Label - Current
Source: Minneapolis Institute of Arts
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Added to Site: November 21, 2009