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Art Today: Living in Our Time


Walker Art Center



Institution Walker Art Center
Art Today: Living in Our Time, Walker Art Center
Art Today: Living in Our Time

Much of today’s art addresses the question “What does it mean to live in our world today?”
Through classroom discussion and actvities, this web site leads students to explore the work of artists who feel passionately about  social and political issues, and to connect this work to their own lives.
This site includes two sections:

Who Am I?
For centuries art, literature, and philosophy have asked the question “Who Am I?” Artists have long used portraits to explore their own identity and that of others. Today’s artists have moved well beyond the traditionally painted or sculpted portrait. Contemporary portraits can explore personal and cultural identity through a variety of approaches and media.

Challenge and Change

Racism, violence, the media, gender identity, and globalism are all important topics today. People sometimes accuse artists of avoiding the “real world,” but many artists feel passionately about social and political issues and are not afraid to tackle them. They create art as a way to raise awareness, to protest, or to pose questions for viewers. They work to change the world through their art.

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Type: Web
Grades: K-12
Instructional Method: Classroom Discussion, Gallery Discussion, Interdisciplinary, Multimedia Instruction, Thematic Approach
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Added to Site: August 27, 2009