How can I use Art Collector Sets for quizzes and exams?

Q: How can I use Art Collector Sets for quizzes and exams?

I am afraid a major use of many of my collections will be impossible in the new system.  I have built lots of make-up quizzes and exams for an online course on ArtsConnectEd.  It has been my practice to publish a make-up for only a limited length of time.  I send the URL to individual students only after I receive their documentation for having missed the regular quiz/exam.  With several hundred students taking the course each semester if I leave the collection (make-up quiz/exam) open, the website address with a set of answers will soon get around and the effectiveness of the quiz/exam will be lost.

Do you see any work-around solution to salvage my quizzes and exams?

From Mary Erickson

A: Art Collector Sets do not have to be submitted and published in order to be shared.

Many educators deliver the same (or a similar) quiz/test to multiple classes. In the past, students from one class have helped their friends cheat on the quiz by copying the Web address of the Art Collector Set when they took the quiz.  They could then give the Web address of the quiz to their friends, who could use it to study beforehand.

To create a unique Quiz Set:

  1. If you are not logged into ArtsConnectEd, log in now:
    • Click the SIGN IN button in the top left-hand corner of the Web page.
    • Enter the Username and Password you created when you registered.
    • Click the SIGN IN button again.
  2. Create your set. 
  3. Once you have created your Set, click the ART COLLECTOR button at the top of the screen.  ArtsConnectEd shows all your Sets. 
  4. Open the Set you want to use as a quiz by clicking on its representational image or its title.  The Set’s Detail page opens.
  5. Title this Set.  Include the word MASTER in your title. (This is a suggestion, you can name it whatever you like but this might help identify your original).
  6. Locate the SET ACTIONS box in the upper right-hand corner of the Edit Set Detail page.
  7. Click the Duplicate link in the left-hand column of the SET ACTIONS box. 
  8. A confirmation message opens.  Click the OK button.  ArtsConnectEd copies your quiz Set and opens the Edit Set Details page of the copied Set.
  9. Rename the copied Set so that its title includes the name or number of the class section.
  10. Click the SAVE SET button at the bottom of the screen.
  11. Repeat steps 7 through 10 until you have created a duplicate of the Set for each class section.
    Note: Each duplicate will have a different URL or Web address.
  12. To capture the URL/Web address of each Set either:
    • E-mail the link of each Set to yourself. 
    • Copy the link to each Set and paste the links into a Word document for later reference.
  13. Repeat steps 12 until you have the links for all classes’ quizzes.
Important:  As each class section ends delete that section's Set. This ensures that students in earlier classes cannot share valid Web addresses with students in later classes.
Do not delete you MASTER Set, as its URL has not been used for a quiz, and you may want to reuse this Set to create future tests.

These instructions are also included in the ArtsConnectEd Help section.
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