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England, Higham Manor, Suffolk
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Inner Worlds Environment   Identity Designing Spaces and Places
England, Higham Manor, Suffolk, The Tudor Room
Discussion Questions/Activities

  • What can you learn about the Tudor period by studying this room? How do the furnishings reflect the fashions of the day? What type of lifestyle do you think the people in Higham Manor led? What makes you say that?

  • Do you think this room represents the lifestyle of all people who lived during the Tudor period? Why or why not? What might someone 500 years from now learn about 20th-century America by studying the sitting room where you live?

  • What, skills were necessary to create the objects in this room? Were the items in this room made by hand or by machine? What materials were used?

  • Why is this room in an art museum? Do you think it is art? Is the whole room art, or only parts of it? Why is a sitting room like yours not part of an art museum?

  • Do you think the people who lived in this room considered it art? Do you think this room was considered art in the 16th century? If not, at what point in history did it become art?


The 20th-Century American Room: A Period Room for Museum Visitors of the Future
Imagine that you work for a museum in the future and you are constructing a 20th- century American period room. What would this period room look like? From what buildings would you take furniture and other items? What building or room would best represent an interior space in 20th-century America? Make a small model, diorama, or drawing of the room.

Interior Comparisons
Compare this late 20th-century interior with the Tudor Room. In what ways are the two rooms similar? In what way might Pedicord Apartments be considered a kind of period room? How do these two rooms differ?

[Click on the image (right) for more detailed information about the artwork.]
Edward and Nancy Reddin Kienholz, Tudor Room
Edward and Nancy Reddin Kienholz (detail), Pedicord Apartments, 1982-83, mixed media environment, 108 x 192 x 432 in., Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation, WAM

Adventures in the Tudor Room
Imagine you are visiting the family who lives in this room. How would you have to behave in this house? What kind of people might your hosts be? Using this room as inspiration, write a story about your stay with the Tudor Room family.

Time and Interior Design
This room was designed to be functional, comfortable and stylish. It reflects the needs and desires of those who would have lived in it, as well as the architectural style of the time. Research a different time period in England or another country. Construct a scale model of a period room which reflects the needs and desires of people in that time period as well as the architecture of that time. Make a floor plan for the entire house..

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