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Robert Rauschenberg
Robert Rauschenberg, Trophy II
Robert Rauschenberg
Trophy II (for Teeny and Marcel Duchamp), 1960
oil, charcoal, paper, fabric, metal on canvas, drinking glass (not original), metal chain, spoon
90 x 118 in.

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Morgan, Sartell Middle School
About the Art

Trophy II (for Teeny and Marcel Duchamp) is a multipaneled combine painting or assemblage created in honor of Marcel Duchamp and his wife, Teeny. Rauschenberg created five "trophies" dedicated to artists he admired: choreographer dancer Merce Cunningham, sculptor Jean Tinguely, composer John Cage, and painter Jasper Johns. Although Rauschenberg would not want us to decode his work, it may be that the panel on the left represents Teeny (see the "T" and "Y") and the panel on the right represents Duchamp. The aluminum on the right might refer to Duchamp's interest in painting on glass. The center panel may comment on how competitive American culture can be; notice the letters "W", "I", "N", a baseball game, and a moonscape. The latter is most likely a referral to the United States' "race" with the Soviet Union to explore space.

Robert Rauschenberg, Sky Garden
Another Rauschenberg
work can be seen at The
Walker Art Center: Sky
1969, lithograph,
silkscreen. WAC

Vocabulary Terms

combine paintings--Using found objects or ready-made in random juxtaposition in order to unleash the unconscious mind by free association.

assemblage--A three-dimensional collage created from a group of everyday objects, many times pre-made and put together in a specific way.

decode--To translate an unknown idea, word, or image into an understandable idea or image.

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