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Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen
Discussion Questions/Activities

Would you like to, attend a Happening? Would you feel comfortable? Is a Happening "real" art? What if there is no product (artwork) to place in a museum at the conclusion of the Happening?


Create a culture from your imagination as Claes Oldenburg and his brothers did when they were young. Make a book describing the culture's art, history, geographical layout, political model, military structure, industries, and national bird, flower, and symbols. Describe the language, social structure, and religion. Bind the book and put it in the library for a month.

Choose a site in your school or community to install or exhibit a sculpture. Study the history of the site (who lived here, what did they do, what did they contribute to the community, how did they come to be in this place). Then look at the society of the place (how did the community interact, what ethnic groups are represented). What materials should you use for your sculpture? Make a survey form to answer these questions. Survey at least five people in the class. Look at the data. Brainstorm an appropriate subject for sculpture and make a list on the board. Choose three possibilities. Select one and work together to make a model.

Raise money for and purchase the materials. Create the artwork. Name the work. Present it at a Happening and send out invitations to the community and press.

Minnesota art student,
Minnesota students Monumental Art "First Steps."

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