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New Mexico (Mimbres)
Discussion Questions/Activities

If the Mimbres made their pottery for household use, is it art? Do you think the Mimbres people considered these pots art?

Can functional objects be considered art? Give examples from your own culture of objects that were made to be functional, but now can be found in art museums.

Write a fictional story about a ten-year-old Mimbres child who wanted to learn about painting pottery for his family and village.

How do we learn about cultures who have left no written record or direct descendants to tell us about their lives? What can we learn from objects, places, and other artifacts? Make a list of questions about the Mimbres culture. Which ones can you answer? Which ones can you speculate about? Which ones are impossible to answer?

Imagine that you are an archaeologist in the future who "discovers" the ruins of late 20th-century United States. If no written information remained and there were no descendants to tell about the culture, what objects or artifacts would remain? What would they tell about American lives?


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To Touch the Past: The Painted Pottery of the Mimbres People. Classroom materials, Weisman Art Museum, 1996.

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