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Donald Judd
Donald Judd, Untitled
Donald Judd 1928-1994
Untitled, 1969
anodized aluminum
ten elements: 27 x 24 x 6 in. each box
About the Art

In the 1960s, Donald Judd began to create art that used "real materials in real space." He created objects that occupied three-dimensional space and rejected illusionism. This style of art was called Minimalism. During this time, he created geometric shapes that stood out from the wall and eventually moved to freestanding works on the floor. He considered himself a painter but not a sculptor. Untitled is an example of the "progression" or "stack" work considered to be Judd's trademark. This piece hangs cantilevered from the wall. His work is almost mathematically precise but he claims his geometric series mean nothing to him in terms of mathematics. He is impatient with critics who claim that his works and those of other Minimal artists have no meaning. He claims he does not attempt to deliver his own political or social messages, but insists his goal is to focus on the space occupied and created by his objects--their purity of form. In the work Untitled Judd challenges the viewer to reconsider the concepts of boredom, monotony, and repetition.

Sol LeWitt, Three x Four x Three
Another Minimalist at the Walker Art Center: Sol LeWitt, Three x Four x Three, 1984, white enamel on aluminum, 169 x 169 1/2 x 169 1/2 in.WAC

Vocabulary Terms

cantilever--Horizontal shapes extending outward over space.

geometric shapes--Shapes with regular contours, and straight edges such as squares, triangles, or circles.

Minimalism--A style of art in which the least possible amount of form shapes, colors, or lines are used to reduce the concept or idea to its simplest form (geometric shapes, progressions).

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