The FRW Art Musuem

Ryan's expert analysis on the FRW Art Museum

So you want to hear what I got to say about this piece of art? Well, you are in luck because I took the time to sit down and learn a little about this building; its builder, its construction, and all of that good stuff that comes along with it.

In my opinion, Frank Gehry is an ingenious man to think this massive plan up and then head the operations of building it. This building is perfect for what it was made for and what I mean by that is; it was made for art, but if you think about it, the building itself is a work of art by an artist with a lot of stainless steel and workers. Where this guy got the idea for this original work of art I will never know and that is what I believe in my opinion makes a great work of art. Something original, something that no one else would or could think of, but still, within those boundries something that is not to wacky if you know what I mean.

If I could change this building I think there would be a couple of things I would do to try to meet my own originality, and some of those changes might look a little something like this. First I think I might have added a little color to it. It just seems pretty plain, all that stainless steel just kind of broadly shining. Next, I think I would have added a little tower or peak at the top of the building to top off the whole thing and make one focal point there that no one could forget. Then, on top of that tower I might mount a little flag of the U.S. or maybe the Minnesota state flag; with these two things I think it would give it just the right amount of jazz to top off a building of this magnitude. Finally, I think this could go either way but I would put a lot of really nice shrubbery in front and on the sides of the building to make it look attractive to the public.

My top 10 list of things other than an Art Museum this building could be used for!

    10.A Movie Theater

    9.A Restaurant

    8.The Minnesota State Capital Building

    7.A New Look Taco Bell

    6.An Offramp Recreation center

    5.A Rug Store

    4.A Musical Recording studio

    3.A Big Computer store

    2.A Brand New Mega Mall

And #1 IS......

Bill Gates' New home

Here are some other great pictures that the Artsnet has offered to view.

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