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Comparision of M. C. Escher

This page is a comparison between the two artists Maurits Cornelis Escher and Berenice Abbott. First I feel that we should get to know a little bit about Mr. Escher. He was born on June 17,1898 to his parents G. A. Escher and his second wife. They lived in Leeuwarden for most of his childhood until he was old enough to leave and be on his own. He attended secondary school in Arnhem, Technical College in Delft, and Architecture and Decorative arts in Haarlem. This is were he began to find out for his love for math and also his love for tessellations.He began his work with some simpler works and ended up doing some very famous things like The "reflecting sphere" and Reptiles which which was done in 1943. One of his quotes that inspired me would have to be "God I wish I could learn to draw better! It takes so much effort and perseverance to do it well. Sometimes I am close to delirium with pure nerves. It is really only a question of battling on relentlessly with constant and, if possible, merciless self-criticism. I think that making prints the way I do it is almost only a matter of very much waiting to do it well. For the most part things like talent are mere poppycock. Any school boy with a bit of aptitude might draw better than I; but what is usually lacking is the unwavering desire for expression, obstinacy gnashing its teeth and saying, 'Even though I know I cannot do it ,I still want to do it.'" During the 50"s and 60"s he was appalled by the things that were done to Escheršs works like adding color to some of the great black and white pictures that he did. Now that we have gotten to know him better, lets move on.

The second artist is Berenice Abbott, who also has done a lot of art work in the last few years. In one of her works she tried to show the differences between the new and old New York City in the 1930's. Besides Photography she also tried sculpture and drawing, but neither of these caught her attention. The man that got her interested in photography was the Paris artist Man Ray who took her in as an assisstant to him. The person that gave her the idea and encuraged her on the making of New York in the 1930's was Mr. Eugene Atgets who she said really inspiered her.

Know that we have gotten to know alittle bit about these two artists we can know start to do a little comparing. The way that they used the median of black and white was very simple and it was not as loud as it could have been if they had used lots of color. It also makes it much more simpler. Both of the artists used structures in there art but Mrs. Abbott used it to show the differant structures in the real world. On the other hand Mr. Escher tried to bring you into his world, a fanticy world. He shows you things that defie the real world and to try and get your mind to start to think. The way that Berenice Abbott positioned herself in the picture of Murphy Hill Hotel and in Braudway to the Battery showed all of the curves and balance of the structure.

I hope that this has shown you a little bit about these two artists and how they are simeler and how they differ from each other.