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Kay Sage
About the Artist

Kay Sage was born in 1898 in Albany, New York. She lived in Italy during her childhood. After her parents divorced, Sage went to live with her unconventional mother, while her sister went with their conservative father. Sage was a self-taught artist though she attempted formal study in Washington, D.C. and Rome, Italy. From ages 16 to 21 she lived in the United States. At age 21, Sage returned to Europe where she married an Italian prince. In her late 30's, after that marriage ended, she lived in Paris, where she met the Surrealist painter, Yves Tanguy, whom she later married. Sage and Tanguy returned to the United States in 1941 and settled in Woodbury, Connecticut. Kay Sage was a brilliant artist but a troubled person. In 1963, after previous attempts, she took her own life.

Vocabulary Terms

Surrealism--Art that emphasizes fantasy and real objects in unreal situations. It has the look and feeling of dreams but is painted realistically; it includes surprise, contradiction, and shock.

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