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Anthony Green
About the Artist

Anthony Green was born in 1939 in England. As a child he loved to draw and paint. One of his earliest memories was copying a picture of Mickey Mouse. While he was in high school, he learned about Vincent van Gogh and oil painting. On summer holidays in Paris, he discovered the art works in the Louvre Museum, which inspired him to become a professional artist. He studied at the Slade School of Art and was particularly interested in work by European artists such as the early Flemish painters. He liked the clear storytelling qualities of their work.

He worked hard, making about 300 paintings as a student. However, he considers these works--most of which he has thrown away--as the practice he needed "to learn how not to paint." He was very dissatisfied with the subjects he chose, and searched for a reason to paint. He said, "Centuries ago I would have worked for a king or a pope. Now neither needed me. I could [only] play with art--and be almost irrelevant."

In 1960, when he was 18 years old, Green left art school and won a scholarship to study for a year in Paris. There he fell in love with a woman named Mary. They married in 1961. Now he had his subject. He began to make paintings that tell the story of his relationship with Mary, their family, and its continuing story.

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