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 Anthony Green
 Richard Hunt
 Judy Onofrio
 Betye Saar
 Kay Sage
 Yves Tanguy
 Jane Tuckerman

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Inner Worlds


Students will understand how dreams, fantasies, and imaginings can be a rich source for subject and forms.


The artist who reproduces nature is often shown a great deal of respect and admiration. Is it important for an artist to be able to reproduce nature? Is it possible to reproduce nature as it is seen and present a dream or imagining in the same work of art? Is the mask made by Richard Hunt real or Surreal?

Compare these eight art works. Are any of these artists reproducing the natural world, or do all of these works of art come from the inner world? Do you think realistic art is "better" than expressive art or conceptual art (the inner world)? Which kind of art do you prefer? Why?

Compare the works of Kay Sage and Yves Tanguy. Can you see how these two artists influenced each other's painting? Do you think it would be interesting to marry a person who worked in the same profession? Do you think Sage and Tanguy's interest in psychoanalysis affected their work? How?


  1. Arthur Dove, Gale, 1932, oil on canvas, 25 3/4 x 35 3/4 in. WAM

  2. Anthony Green, The Beautiful Dream, oil on canvas, 78 3/4 x 78 3/4 in. Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation. WAM

  3. Richard Hunt, Transformation Mask, 1993, cedar, pigment, cloth, string, and wood 13 x 12 in. MIA

  4. Judy Onofrio, Big Catch, 1996, ceramic, wood, shell, glass, paint and metal, 74 x 34 1/2 x 27 1/12 in., Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation. WAM

  5. Betye Saar, House of Ancient Memory, 1989, wood, paint, plastic, mirrors, embroidered fabric, feathers, metal, glass perfume bottles, painted and lacquered wood table, 61 x 19 3/4 x 13 1/4 in. WAC

  6. Kay Sage, On the Contrary, 1952, oil on canvas, 35 1/2 x 27 3/4 in. WAC

  7. Yves Tanguy, Through Birds, through Fire, but Not through Glass, 1943, oil on canvas, 40 x 35 in. MIA

  8. Jane Tuckerman, Untitled, 1947, black and white photograph,
    18 5/16 x 12 5/8 in. MIA

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