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Ernest Whiteman
About the Artist

Ernest Whiteman is a working artist who lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. An Arapaho Indian, he grew up on the Wind River Reservation in Southwestern Wyoming (on the edge of Riverton, Wyoming). As a child, Whiteman often visited a famous petroglyph site known as Dinwoody, which is located in the Wind River mountains of Wyoming. He describes feeling a great respect and awe whenever he visited this site. He has traveled all over the country attempting to decipher the meanings of petroglyphs. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire and an Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of Minnesota, both concentrating on sculpture. In addition to making sculpture, paintings, prints, and jewelry, Whiteman also teaches. He feels it is important to give back to other people, because someone took time to teach him. Whiteman explains, "Through my work I keep alive a tradition and give respect and power to the images so that they can speak once again in the twenty-first century."

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